Forget about exporting QuickBooks report data to Excel and manipulating that data to create custom reports, having to repeat this ordeal every time you need to run the report. QReportBuilder simplifies reporting: You build the report one time in the visual designer; one click runs the report on the latest company data at anytime.

QReportBuilder allows you to generate virtually any custom report you can imagine based on your underlying QuickBooks data. Your QuickBooks reports can even combine data with external sources such as Excel or MS Access.

Unlock critical information buried in QuickBooks to make better business decisions for profitability and growth through better reporting…with QReportBuilder!

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QReportBuilder is the first QuickBooks centric report writer.


AR Summary with Customer Info

Accounts Recievable Summary report adding customer name and address. Created by QReportBuilder Specialist Jeffrey Cox

Sales by Rep Name

Sales report organized by Sales Rep Name

Profit By Vendor Item

Customer wanted profit by item report grouped by vendor, we used preferred vendor name in item table to create this report. Subtotal profit by vendor.

Paid Invoices

Invoices list based on paid date. Can be used for commissions calculations, shows how to ask for a date range before running report.

Reverse Customer Sales

Sales Report in large to small order with address information not found in QuickBooks report.

No Invoices 30 Days

No invoices in the last 30 day period report for marketing. Also see letters for marketing letters on this query.

Invoice With Embedded Statement

Combining two reports, prints invoice header and lines, then has a sub-report of a customer statement below on the same page

Items Sold By City

Invoice line items sold by city grouped and subtotal by city

Catalog with Images

A product catalog created by taking information from QuickBooks Item Inventory and adding external images. (JPG image format)