QReportBuilder/MS Excel/Crystal Reports Comparison

QReportBuilder is a data mining, business intelligence and report writing tool which was designed to be QuickBooks centric, an alternative to creating reports by the cut and paste method using MS Excel or the high-end learning curve of Crystal Reports.

The following is a basic look at how the 3 products compare:

Features   QReportBuilder
  MS Excel
  Crystal Reports
  Works with QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions Editions?      
ODBC Driver needed*
  Live connectivity to data in the QuickBooks data file as it changes?    
ODBC Driver needed*
ODBC Driver needed*
  Can calculated or formula fields be used?        
  Can the "canned" QuickBooks Reports be used with ease to modify or build on?    
Cannot Refresh data without ODBC Driver
SQL commands required
  Are the relationships between QuickBooks data tables automatically mapped for you?        
  Universal search feature to find any data contained in QuickBooks included?        
  Can reports be exported to MS Word, HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF formats?        
  Quickly start building reports without requiring QuickBooks to be installed on your computer?        
  Complete display control with drag-and-drop ease        
  Free custom QuickBooks report templates available for download?        







* A Read Only version of QODBC Driver for QuickBooks is available for 149.00 per machine