Connecting to QuickBooks

QReportBuilder includes a sample QuickBooks company file that allows you to start building custom reports without even having QuickBooks on your computer and does not require the following procedure while using the sample file we have provided.

A component of QReportBuilder is the FLEXquarters QODBC driver, which provides a link to QuickBooks when you browse your data or run reports against your QuickBooks company file with QReportBuilder. The first time you refresh QReportBuilder with your data you must have QuickBooks open on that machine and be logged in with Administrative privileges in QuickBooks.

When the attempt for a data refresh starts, QuickBooks will pop up an integrated applications dialog asking permission for the driver to access your QuickBooks data, answer "Yes, Always” to this and the QODBC driver is added to the Integrated Application list. This will allow QReportBuilder to integrate with your QuickBooks data any time you want to access that company file (this procedure must be followed for every company file if you have more than 1) and refresh the data.

Clicking on continue brings up the following dialog box:


QODBC has a digital certificate (if you want to view the certificate see: Windows>System 32>fqqb32.dll, right click on it and select properties>Digital Certificate) but since an application is trying to access QuickBooks through QODBC it generates the no certificate message. Just click yes!


Access Rights: QReportBuilder is a read only application, which means it will only extract data out of QuickBooks and can not modify data in your QuickBooks company file….so click on done.

That’s it, you can now view and report on your data in QReportBuilder!