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Frequently Asked Questions/Thoughts


1. QRB install process should be done by the admin user of the computer. (always)

2. If QODBC not installed message appears when running QRB, QODBCA.EXE may need to be run from the installed program folder. (rarely an issue)

3. The datawarehouse is installed in My Documents (QRreportBuilderData folder). That should be a local folder. If not, it can be redirected by QRB. (depends on redirect of My Documents by a windows setting)

4. The first refresh of data from QRB should be from an open QB company file that is logged in as Admin to QB. (required - admin login for first connection only)

5. Refresh only the company table and reply to QB's request to approve the Integrated Application request. (best practices) After that, you can log into QB as the appropriate user.

6. Refresh only the data needed - especially for large QB company files. (No need to buy a new car to get clean floor mats)

7. Use a sample QB company to test ideas - either one that is a standard QB company file or one that you've built your self with your settings. That allows you to test concepts in a test instance where the volume of data is extremely small. (best practices)

8. What is the difference between the runtime version and the development version? Can we run any kind of report on any of the fields in QB with the runtime version?
Development is used by the report creator/editor. Runtime is for the users that operate reports, but don't change the structure of the report. Parameters can be entered into the report by the runtime user. Any report developed in the developer version can be run in the runtime version. (The code base is the same)

9. Does the software need to be installed on the same computer as the QB company file? Our company file is located on our server which already has many programs on it. It would be better if we could install it on another computer.
We talk to the QB program using the Intuit SDK. So the location of the company file is not an issue, as long as the QB program can see the data, we can see the data.

10. Does Report Builder show all possible fields to run reports on? Does one need to know SQL Queries to use Report Builder?
We report on every field that the SDK allows(99% of fields). We can also use additional fields that can be exported by QB reports into csv files that QRB imports. You do not need to use SQL for most reports - we've already built it. If you need to tweak a report or build your own SQL, you can. We have an SQL builder that helps with that.

11. Will Report Builder affect our QB database in any way? Can we use it confidently knowing that it won't corrupt our database because of user error?
We don't touch the files. Intuit's SDK does. So Intuit controls the access to data. We've not had any instances/problems that have been caused by our reading of data. We rarely, but occasionally find data corruption within QB that the client program ignores. I've had 3 files in 5 years that have needed fixing. (out of 1000's of examples)

12. Can we connect to our QuickBooks OnLine database? Yes, but the connect setup is different from the desktop setup. You are required to build your own connection string containing the login key for your QB OL database. Build a new connection string, follow the path to QB OL, press the browse button by the 2 key information fields, and click the prompt for login if missing option. Cross your fingers that Intuit doesn't change the procedure....