Registering QReportBuilder

QReportBuilder is fully functional for 30 days, there are no limitations of report design, running reports or importing new report templates to test. When you decide to purchase, it is simply a license number you enter in the evaluation download and activate that unlocks the time limitation…nothing new to install and all the reports you have created are there to run.

Once you have your license, launch QReportBuilder and the following screen appears when it is in evaluation mode:

Simply copy and paste the license number from the email you were sent and click ok! You will then be asked if you want to activate QReportBuilder at this time, if you decide not to activate at this time QReportBuilder will function for 45 days until you must activate on the machine you intend on using it on.


There are 4 methods of activating QReportBuilder, the quickest method of activation is online and just requires you have an internet connection at the time of activation.


Click on send activation request and that’s all there is to it!


Your copy of QReportBuilder is fully registered/activated and has no time restrictions!