QReportBuilder Sample Reports

QReportBuilder is a flexible new report writer for QuickBooks which allows you to create new reports, or modify existing QuickBooks reports to your needs. Below are some samples we have designed, some of which are included in the base product, the others can be downloaded here.

Internet Explorer Users: If your download is renamed (filename).ZIP by the browser - rename it as (filename).QRBR so it can be imported to QReportBuilder.

Product Catalog With Images A product catalog created by taking information from QuickBooks Item Inventory and adding external images. (JPG image format)
Paid Invoices Invoices list based on paid date. Can be used for commissions calculations, shows how to ask for a date range before running report.
Invoice With Statement Combining two reports, prints invoice header and lines, then has a sub-report of a customer statement below on the same page
Balance Sheet Standard Standard QuickBooks report can be modified with the design editor.
Bill Items By Class Class name, when blank, appears as "Unassigned" by use of a function in a calculated field. See calculated fields for details
Bills By Vendor List of bills per vendor, one per page, customer wants to sign and send to vendors as authorization for credit card payment
Collections Report QuickBooks Collections Report pass thru shows how headers are included, you can restrict it to only data if you prefer
Customers No Invoices Letter Simple list of customers with no invoices for marketing
Customers No Invoices Report Letter mail merge sent to customers who have no invoices to send them a coupon.
Excel Data Merge Merge extra data fields from Excel spreadsheet with QuickBooks customer data.
Invoice Lines By City Invoice line items sold by city grouped and subtotal by city
Items Sold By City Sales Report in large to small order with address information not found in QuickBooks report.
No Invoices For 30 Days No invoices in the last 30 day period report for marketing. Also see letters for marketing letters on this query.
Profit By Vendor Item Customer wanted profit by item report grouped by vendor, we used preferred vendor name in item table to create this report. Subtotal profit by vendor.
Reverse Customer Sales Sales Report in large to small order with address information not found in QuickBooks report.
Sales by Rep Name Sales report organized by Sales Rep Name
Sales Report Standard Reformat to your needs.

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