Video Tutorials

These video tutorials (requires Macromedia Flash to view) will demonstrate the key features in QReportBuilder so you can get up and running quickly with the product.
If you have problems using the flash movie versions while online, you can use the Download option, use the right mouse button and "save target as" to download the entire movie file to your computer.


  Title Description Time
Quick Overview Quick overview of QReportBuilder menu system, data layouts, report layout designer and output options. 4 min
Startup After installing QReportBuilder, how to connect to your copy of QuickBooks, read in the data and be ready to start building reports. 5 min
Simple Report Building a first report, invoice lines grouped by city, adding formatting and a subtotal. 8 min
Search for Data QReportBuilder search function makes it easy to find where data is stored in QuickBooks so you can easily build a specific report to your exact requirements. 8 min
Package up a Report How to take a report you have created, package it up and e-mail it to a customer who can load it in QReportBuilder and run it. 3 min


  Title Description Time
Excel Data Merge Demonstration of importing data from an Excel spreadsheet and merging with QuickBooks customer data. 7 min
Images in Reports Adding images to a report for an instant Product Catalog from your QuickBooks file with price and stock on hand included. 8 min
Calculated Fields Adding custom calculated field (spoilage factor) to a sales report. 3 min
Expression Building Adding expressions to a report to restrict the report to a certain date range each time the report is run. 5 min
QuickBooks Report Data Using a pre-built QuickBooks report as raw data for reformatting and extensions. 3 min


  Title Description Time
Multi-company reports Creating a multi-company report basics 9 min
Data Relationships Creating relationships between different tables and reports from QuickBooks. 8 min
SQL Structure of QReportBuilder Showing how the tables in QReportBuilder use SQL commands sent via ODBC to get results from QuickBooks. 3 min